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Q. What’s the around time on dry cleaning and laundering?

A. We deliver two business days after the day we pick up. (ie. Wednesday pickup gets delivered Friday and  a Thursday pickup will be delivered Monday)

Q. Where do I leave my items?

A.  Generally you can leave bag by the front door. However we can customize your account with specific instructions for driver on where bag will be left for pickup and where items will be left upon delivery

Q.  If I don’t currently have a bag, in what can I leave my items?

A.  Any bag will do. The driver will put your items inside our bag to secure them during transport. If you choose a garbage bag, please put a note that indicates “Dry Cleaning”.

Q.  Can you do repairs and alterations?

A.  Yes we can perform alterations and repairs on your items. While most repairs and common alterations will not delay your order, we will notify you if it does.

Q.  Can I change my pickup/delivery schedule repeatedly?

A.  Yes, we want you to find our services conveniently. Just inform us of your desired changes and we will make the adjustments as often as needed.

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