Green Dry Cleaner

About 85% of Dry Cleaners still use Perc as their cleaning solvent. Perc is extensively regulated by the EPA because it is highly toxic and carcinogenic.

The main reason why Dry Cleaner processing centers prefer Perc is attributed to its ability to remove oil & grease base stains without having to treat them, thus allowing for quicker cleaning times and less man hours.

On the other hand, Processing clothes with Perc has its drawbacks such as;

– Highly Toxic and carcinogenic
– leaves whites looking dingy and grayish
– Ruins most items with beads and prints
– Colors typically run on Black & white items
– Heavy residue smell on items

Click here to read an Article from Webmd discussing the topic. Then Read below to understand why we are different.

Over the last 10 years, our industry has developed alternative solvents for dry cleaners to use instead of Perc. Yet these advances in our industry have not translated to a significant change on how we process the cleaning in the Dry Cleaning industry.

I have chosen to be part of the small percentage of Dry Cleaners to offer cleaning with alternative products which are non toxic and non-carcinogen to our customers among other benefits.

Some alternative solvents are arguably better than others and we have done extensive research before choosing the best alternative solvent to utilize within our own processing center in meeting all our customers needs.


A New Solution for Drycleaning

We have recently installed new equipment that utilizes the latest cleaning technology. The new solution intense®, developed in Europe by Seitz , a world leader in the manufacture of textile care products, enables us to safely process all types of garments no matter what type of fabrics are used in their construction. The results from the intense® process are outstanding……..stain-free garments, brilliant whites, vivid colours, odourless and with a soft feel to natural fabrics. Due to the gentle cleaning action of intense®, the original shape, size and feel of your garments is preserved during the cleaning process, any wear on the fibres is minimized and your garment is returned to you in a ‘like new’ condition. This same gentle cleaning process also allows us to take care of the many different trims and accessories that adorn many of today’s fashions. Additionally, intense® is an environmentally compatible solution containing no carcinogenic substances and not considered a hazardous product.


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